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Health Consultants For Child Care

Enhancing Health, Safety & Learning for Minnesota Child Care Providers since 1993

Child Care OSHA Standards – Bloodborne Pathogens & Employee Right to Know

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Note that this will be a 2 hour class including Allergy Prevention and Response.

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 (Group Discounts May Apply)


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In this class we will discuss the implication in child care of Blood Borne Pathogens (HIV, Hepatitis B & C), teach everyone about Standard (Universal) Precautions and surprise you with two other potential work place health hazards for Child Care Providers. This is a Rule 3 requirement for all staff in a child care facility.

This class is offered in person at your location or live via Zoom.  To schedule this in your facility, contact us.

Additionally it will be offered soon as an on-demand class covering both OSHA and Allergy topics through our on-line training and generate a dual certificate.