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  • SIDS is the leading cause of death in infants between the age of one month and one year.
  • Approximately 3,500 babies die of SUID in the U.S. each year and half are due to SIDS.
  • SIDS affects families of all races, religions and income levels; however African American babies are more than twice as likely to die of SIDS as white babies.  American Indian/Alaskan Native babies are more than three times as likely to die of SIDS as white babies.
  • SIDS occurs most often in infants two to four months of age.  In fact, 91% of deaths occur under six months of age.
  • Boys are at higher risk than girls.
  • The pattern of cold weather months having higher incidents of SIDS deaths has decreased from 16% to 7%.
  • Babies who sleep on their stomach and sides have an increased risk of SUID.
  • Mothers who smoke during pregnancy are 3 times more likely to have a SIDS baby.
  • Passive smoking exposure doubles a baby’s risk of SIDS.
  • There is a higher likelihood of SIDS among premature and low birth-weight infants, twins and multiple births, and mothers who are less than 20 years old at the time of their first pregnancy.
  • 20.4% of SIDS deaths occur when infants are in the care of a non-parental caregiver.
  • More children die of SUID in a year than all children who die of cancer, child abuse, AIDS, cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy combined.

Sources: First Candle/SIDS Alliance, AAP Talk Force on Infant Sleep Position and SIDS, American Academy of Pediatrics, Child Care Provider’s Guide to Safe Sleep, Child Mortality Review Panel, MN Department of Human Services.