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If an infant dies in your care there will be a death scene evaluation.  A death scene investigation is an integral part of a SUID diagnosis.  The child’s crib environment should not be altered in any way.  Leave the crib and contents exactly how you found it.  Some of the items that will be collected from the program are:  the child’s health records, the infant’s daily records, crib linens and anything else in the crib, any medication that the child is being given and the child’s bottles of formula or breast milk.  A history of the child’s day will be requested along with any other pertinent information that you can provide.  Also, the staff in care of the infant will need to provide a copy of their CPR certificate.

On March 1, 2006, Center For Disease Control (CDC) released the Sudden, Unexplained Infant Death Investigation Reporting Form (SUIDIRF) for state and local use in infant death scene investigations.

Call your local or state SUID/SIDS Center for staff and parental support.

2013 MN Safe Sleep Regulations outline consequences to violations that will result in a correction order caring a $200.00 fine per violation.  Fine orders are publically posted on the DHS website for all licensed providers as well as correction orders for child care centers. 


One of the most frightening thoughts of parents and infant providers is the thought that a healthy baby could die unexpectedly while sleeping.  Even though the cause of SIDS remains unknown, certain risk factors have been identified.  It is essential that all providers of infants follow the Safe to Sleep recommendations, reduce modifiable risk factors, and increase awareness through education of parents, families, friends and co-workers.