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Part one: SUID/SIDS Safe to Sleep

Upon completion of this self-learning packet all staff persons, caregivers or helpers assisting in the care of infants and young children will be able to:

  1. Describe the difference between the definition of SIDS and SUID.
  2. Identify at least 5 facts about SUID.
  3. Explain how the diagnosis of SUID is made.
  4. Describe the triple risk model theory related to the three main risk factors for SIDS.
  5. Identify 5 ways to provide a safe sleep environment.
  6. Describe the phenomenon of “unaccustomed prone sleeping”.
  7. Identify MN Child Care safe sleep regulations.

Part two: AHT (SBS) Reducing the Risk

  1. Describe the difference between AHT and SBS.
  2. Identify at least 3 facts about AHT/SBS.
  3. Identify strategies to prevent AHT/ABS.

Once you are enrolled, you can use the links on this page to start the course. At the end of the course you will take a quiz and upon passing the quiz, receive a certificate showing that you’ve earned 2 CEUs. If you need help with this process please Contact Us.